Canberra First Aid’s Apply First Aid (HLTFA311A)/Provide First Aid (HLTAID003)(formerly known as Senior First aid) or Perform CPR (HLTCPR211A)/Provide CPR (HLTAID001) training courses in Canberra, ACT, have never been so Easy! Our 1 day training format is conducted at Dickson College or Ainslie Football Club, which are centrally located in the Inner North of Canberra, with adequate free parking and excellent facilities.

Our Courses:

Canberra First Aid provides Apply First Aid HLTFA311A/Provide First Aid HLTAID003 CPR HLTCPR211A/Provide CPR HLTAID001 training courses and a variety of other training courses for workplaces, teachers, school students, police, nurses, dentists, sporting/social clubs, fitness instructors, childcare providers, health care professionals, families and any other organisations or individuals. Our Apply First Aid HLTFA311A/Provide First Aid HLTAID003 and Perform CPR HLTCPR211A/Provide CPR HLTAID001 training courses can also be tailor made towards your business, with our qualified instructors coming to you, at a time that suits you. On completion of our  Apply First Aid HLTFA311A/Provide First Aid HLTAID003  and CPR HLTCPR211A/Provide CPR HLTAID001 training courses students will acquire the skills to provide assistance in any emergency situation. Our knowledge, experience and technical expertise is unrivaled with our First Aid  and CPR training courses taught by highly skilled, motivated and passionate instructors who live and work locally in Canberra and put back into local businesses and the community. For fast and efficient certificate requirements Canberra First Aid is the training company to choose. We now offer quicker turn around of your Apply First Aid HLTFA311A/Provide First Aid HLTAID003 or Perform CPR HLTCPR211A/Provide CPR HLTAID001 certificate with certificates being emailed to you as soon as they are processed. NOTE: You will still receive a paper copy and wallet sized card of your certificate in the mail.


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